9 thoughts on “Great Poker Hand WSOP Main Event 2013 AA vs KK

  1. Wait a minute!!! The icon for this video showed an amazingly hot blonde at
    the table!!! Where the hell is she?!?!? That’s totally unethical to false
    advertise like that.

  2. Hey look! It’s Jay Farber sitting there! I bet nobody at the table realized
    that they were sitting with the 2nd place finisher. Poor bastard couldn’t
    catch a hand to save his life in the final.

  3. Sears whiney piece of shit. Then all of a sudden he shuts up up when K
    comes on the flop. Then A on river and he starts to whine again.

  4. The guy loved flopping a 2 outer but didn’t like his opponent hitting a 6
    outer on the river. He must be taking sportsmanship lessons from Phil

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