15 thoughts on “Great Poker Hand Ilari Sahamies vs Pobal

  1. “Sergey PR4 weeks ago

    re-raise on flop and zigmund pass”

    please explain how it is possible to reraise the flop?

  2. Reraise for information is one of the dumbest poker advice ever. Work well
    against amateurs, terrible against decent players. 99 has about as much
    strength as A8 in that flop, a good hand, but not a raising hand. By
    raising you’re effectively turning your hand into a bluff, which you would
    want to do with a hand like straight draw/flush draw/rag, not with a hand
    as good as 99.

  3. mistake on flop….some wise man says long time ago reraise your oponent
    for information…if he re-raise flop sahamies will fold i am sure

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