8 thoughts on “Episode 10 Part 1 Of The PartyPoker.com Premier League Poker VI

  1. Oh and after somehow negranu with 44% equity preflop in a 4way pot manages
    to get outdrawn by all 3 opponents she confidentely grasps “oh thats a good
    flop for him”

  2. How is it possible that someone who plays poker for so long suggests to
    call off half ur stack with 88s and go set hunting against 3 people?
    Jennifer Tilly is fucking braindead.

  3. Νegreanu with <7bb facing a 3x open raise and two callers in front, poker
    mastermind Jennifer Tilly suggests.....CALLING BECAUSE OF THE POT ODDS. I
    mean of all the random shit she has said so far that deserves a
    certification of stupidity. For crying out loud kick her the fuck out of
    the booth.

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