25 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu’s Amazing Reads

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  3. im sorry, but maybe someone can explain for me…. the first hand in this
    vid, first off, wicked read of their hands by Negreanu…. but why was
    Negreanu given the win, before the river… couldn’t it have been a Ace and
    the guy with Ace King been the winner?

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  5. @Jex2112 an ace would have give the the other two players three of a kind,
    but it would have then given negreanu a full house 2’s over Aces. hope that
    helps 🙂

  6. Yeah, running jacks is the only way she could have won it, that’s the 1%
    chance it shows for her after the flop. Running aces are no good for her
    because Adamic has her outkicked, and she has no chance of a flush either.
    Adamic can win with running aces, kings, hearts, A-K or A-5, so he is a lot
    better off than her on that flop because he has suited cards and a higher
    kicker. Of course if it came out 3-4 they would all split, but that’s a
    long shot too.

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