23 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu Pocket Aces! WSOP 2012 – Nice Poker Hand

  1. I was always so terrified of being sucked out that I would almost never
    slow play. If I had a set, and I thought there was a chance for a straight
    or a flush, my next bet was always huge. If I made a straight and thought
    someone had a flush draw, bet huge. Had a flush and a guy raises me, all
    in. Etc. In the end, I learned I had no stomach to play this game for any
    significant amount of money.

  2. Great, another self-proclaimed poker pro who fails to understand that
    slow-playing AA pre-flop is completely different than slow-playing trip
    aces after a rainbow flop.

  3. If the Raised 100K and then comes K and Raise 200K he would have probably
    Folded but because he is stupid he slow played

  4. I have had that situation happen to me I have flopped a set of Aces to lose
    to Broadway. So Brutal.

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