25 thoughts on “Bovada Poker Review

  1. hey buddy. so far I turn one 50 dollar deposit´╗┐ into 1200 in cash. I
    received all my checks and after playing on this site I have nothing to
    complain about other then the bad beats here and there but that poker. they
    just up dated there software and its so much better know. more pleasing to
    the eye and if you don’t like certain things the site does. u can change in
    settings. I’ve bin playing on this site for awhile now. you’ll be safe.
    feel free to ask me any ques.

  2. Hey dude I just got done watching ur video good tutorial, I’m pretty
    serious about poker I play a lot of live cash games. But I’m just really
    cautious about the whole online thing because of black Friday, But if its
    legit if you could get back to me id really appreciate it

  3. I use my back card. but befor I made my first deposit. they make me send a
    picture of my drivers license to show I was 18.

  4. yea. they’ll ask for your drivers license. and when you do turn 18. bovada
    has the softest play ever. I’ve bin making around 300 a week ever sense I
    went up stages. but I highly recommend this site after you turn 18

  5. How strict are the age restriction policies? I’m 17 and I’ve been using a
    proxy for full tilt, but I want to be able to legally play in the US. They
    don’t check the SSN on full tilt (or if they do, I wasn’t caught), but on
    Bovada, they do. Is it for name identification purposes or age
    verification? I just want to make sure before I get myself into a
    clusterfuck. I’ve been playing online poker to pay for gas lol. Been making
    more money than I did working a minimum wage job.

  6. Check came. Im very surprised. Came via DHL and even got a text the day
    before letting me know there was a scheduled delivery Id have to sign for
    (or leave a note for courier) Comes with a notice that the check CANNOT be
    cashed only deposited. (Interesting). Anyway, wow. Bovada is real, and
    relatively fast.´╗┐

  7. yea. u gota be careful. but i believe bovada is the best site out there. i
    received all my checks in less then a 2 week period and i have over 450
    sitting in my account now. the next time i cash out ill make a vid. and ill
    show everyone that this site is legit and cant go wrong with bovada.

  8. i have no faith in any site as of now. i played on lockpoker for a bit and
    withdrew 200$ and they have not sent anything. Its been over 5 months. I
    have like 300$ on bovada and was thinking i had to work it up to 3000$ ill
    cash out today after i play and let you fellow non believers know how it

  9. yea, i just use my bank card. and this site is very legit. as long as you
    are a good and winning player you should do fine. i have. if you need any
    more help with logging in. making a account, or depositing im here.

  10. yes if u could do that it would be great and i have a account already but i
    think im going to opan a bank account and wait for ever to get my card and
    start playing yea im a decent player i play a lot but im better online thin
    live and im only 20 so im playing underground games right now thanks man i
    hope its all legit

  11. ight sweet I was gonna go to wallmart and try it with a prepaid card but I
    think im going to get a bank account and just do it that way i hope
    everything works out right iv been looking for a legit site i can trust for
    about a year

  12. i just cashed out a 4th time yesterday, did good in a 20$ torny. all 3
    checks i have got so far. they say singapore in top right but transferred
    to bank of america New York branch. but thats because i live on east coast.
    the 400 dollar check i just received took only 4 days to get here. but the
    2 other ones average about 7 days maybe 8. i’ve been on this site for
    acouple months now. and everything is legit. the checks deposit normally. u
    cant cash thier checks tho only deposit.

  13. is the checks out and everything legit I mean really Iv read many reviews
    and seen one were they said it was all a scam and no one gets paied out and
    they give u the run around when u try and cash out please tell me its all
    legit and how long dois the checks take in the mail

  14. you thought wrong. so far cashed for $50 when i started then i cashed out
    200 then 400 and i got all 3 checks

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