16 thoughts on “Best of Gabe Kaplan on High Stakes Poker

  1. Oh sorry didn’t see it. Props for making the video though. I think Gabe is
    an underrated comedian. I put him up there with Cosby, Carlin, and Bill

  2. This video’s okay, but there are so many funnier moments not on here. For
    instance, the Phil Hellmuth looks like a shy ostrich looking to mate and my
    g/f took a paternity test and it said you’re the father and I said okay you
    got the first one, let’s run it 2 more times.

  3. Thanks. I was looking for this also but couldn’t find it on YouTube so I
    made a compilation myself. I watched all HSP seasons two times before I
    made this. I then watched them a third time just to make this compilation
    because I find Gabe so funny. I might’ve missed a few funny moments though.
    I also really miss AJ and Gabe. They were a good duo.

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