24 thoughts on “6 Max Preflop Starting Hands – Online Poker 2013 – Texas Holdem Poker Online Strategy Lessons

  1. I’m guessing these are all what to play if the pot is unopened? Any more
    info would be awesome! Thanks

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  3. Ok thanks, that makes more sense. E.g: you could make a given pocket pair
    by 6 different combos, a suited hand 4 ways, an offsuit i 12 ways. So if
    I’m counting correctly now, there’s 172 hands out of 1326 (which gets me
    closer to 12% 🙂 )

  4. Opening ranges don’t change much based on the stakes, really this could be
    used at all stakes, it is more a function of how comfortable you feel in
    the game you are in. If you don’t think you are good enough to play the
    looser hands you can tighten up a bit, but it would apply to any level.

  5. its 12% of all 1326 hands possible not out of the 169 starting
    combinations, this is because there are more combinations of unsuited hands
    than suited hands, great question. I have an article on my website
    explaining all this but I really need to make a video on it.

  6. I don’t understand the maths.. In UTG example, what does the 12% mean?
    There are 27 yellow hands. Out of 169 that’s 16%.

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  8. Yeah exactly, its funny you mention stock market because thats exactly what
    I thought after I read the second line. A bit off topic and I don’t know if
    it relates but the differences in value with a stock dropping in price is
    also why I think beta is a poor measurement of volatility. To suggest that
    after a stock loses 50% of it’s value it now has a greater chance of
    loosing 50% of it’s value again… even though the P/E has been cut in half
    along with the Price/Book. Off topic…

  9. I am not going to argue abt your min-raise from the button if you are
    having success w/ it. I am just surprised that it works that well as the BB
    is getting 3.5:1 immediate to see a flop. unless you have him in an
    overpair/underpair spot or have him dominated (say AK vs AQ to keep it
    simple) he’s almost always priced in to call. and if the SB calls in front
    (getting 2.33:1 if the BB folds and and 3:1 if the BB calls behind) then
    the BB is getting 5:1 immediate. but it’s 4NL, anything can work!

  10. Actually, since the “E” in the P/E ratio is based on reported earnings –
    which are open to all kind of company interpretations – P/FCF is a much
    better metric to use to measure a company’s profitabilty. FCF=free cash
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    cash flow for investors! 😉

  11. good point, I guess I was just thinking 6 is a third of 18? Now I am not
    really sure why I said that, guess ill have to have you proofread my
    articles from now on 😉

  12. Really well said Rello, there are a few reasons that you can leave them
    out… I think at best you can make a little money with them, but that are
    a pain in the ass to play haha.

  13. to continue when we go from MP/HJ to CO moving from 18% to 27% of hands, we
    have increased our range by 50% again. 18+.50(18) = 18+9 = 27 on BTN we
    have gone from 27% to 47% which is an increase of ~74% 27 + .74(27) = 27 +
    19.98 ~= 47%

  14. It is something that people just don’t adjust for enough, the fact is they
    should be calling more but often don’t and you still have position so you
    can get into reverse implied odds too.

  15. at around 3:15 you say that the Middle Position (Hijack) range (18% of
    hands) is a “33% wider range than our under the gun range”. Our UTG range
    was 12% of hands. 18% is 50% wider than 12%, not 33% 12+ .50(12) = 12+6 =
    18 33% increase would be 16% of hands 12 + .33(12) = 12 + 4 = 16

  16. I just want to say my personal experience with opening small Pocket Pairs
    UTG is more than the set over set, its the fact that these small pairs dont
    hit enough and will always be dominated after the flop and by cbetting any
    flop your basically always turning your hand into a bluff with worse than
    bottom pair and Out of position. If anybody have quite a alot hands like i
    have, you will relize that even when you hit, your not getting enough
    action to cover the times you didnt hit

  17. yes, it’s one of those math oddities that trips people up. it’s a 50%
    increase from 12 to 18, but a 33% decrease from 18 back to 12. sort of like
    in the stock market (or the poker table!) – if you lose half of your money,
    you need to double what remains to get even. so a 50% decrease necessitates
    a 100% increase to get back to square one. very good video, looking forward
    to the rest of the series!

  18. Yes I did, sorry for not responding sooner. I will look into it and get you
    an answer, on a different computer right now.

  19. It is important to figure out as bet sizing preflop is what will have the
    largest impact of the final pot size. Thanks for watching!

  20. That being said, while my numbers were off because I was bad at math that
    day the concept still remains in tact.

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