25 thoughts on “2013 NBC Heads Up Poker Championship – Episode 6

  1. tom looks like he was in a cash game all night having a bad sesh before
    coming to this tournament lol

  2. i love it how phil acts like he just got a little lucky…. 88 AA QQ AA and
    that brutal runout in his favour. Granted he lost with one of the AA but
    then he spikes a straight on the river where some of his outs were dead to
    that other guys flush. In heads up you could easily stack a guy 3 times in
    that sequence that is running like god

  3. DOYLE POWNED DURRRR!!!! 😀 GO MR. BRUNSON!!! 🙂 (obv i’m one of the biggest
    durrrr fans in the world)

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