25 thoughts on “【Kagamine Rin,Len,Rinto,Lenka】 Poker Face【MMD】

  1. Len, Lenka, Rin, Rinto
    genderbends of genderbends
    oh well, Poker face, X)

  2. Rin&Len are already genderbends of eachother so. Genderbends of
    genderbends? What sorcery is this /D

  3. Actually Magdalena Quintero my friends are quadruplets an their mom is
    still alive and breathing lol it was 2 girls and 2 boys not all are
    identical tho lol it’s like she had two sets of girl and boy twins 

  4. Luka onee chan Rin and Len aren’t genderbends of each other they’re mirror
    images of each other completely different things

  5. Rin and Len aren’t exactly genderbends. They aren’t even twins. Their true
    relation is mirror reflections.

  6. Okay. SO. I see a matesprit, morail, auspistice, and a kismesis sign.
    Homestuck is going to be everywhere, whether you people like it or not.

  7. y luego disen que rin y len son hermanos y no rinto y rin son hermanos y
    lenka y len son hermanos poreso si puede ser rinxlen -.-

  8. Kagamine siblings… I always though that Rinto is the older brother. Lenka
    is the second sister.Third is Len. And the last one is Rin.. Rin is the
    youngest among them… I hope that my though is being true one day..
    *Ugh,actually I have so many though in my head * continue the

  9. Gender bends of gender bends. You mad bro? (Why is Lenka’s legs glitching
    through the damn skirt?)

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